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About CEO – Michael Young


Michael Young grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and settled in Bakersfield where he and his wife Candy are raising their two children, Ashley and Aaron. After working in the construction industry for many years, he became a Realtor and gained extensive experience handling real estate transactions that involved solar systems. He couldn’t help noticing some deals that have really hurt homeowners financially.


He’s also seen a lot of damage from shoddy rooftop installations during home inspections. This experience compelled Michael to offer professional services that protect the homeowner and provide value as well. He’s adamant about making sure that any solar system design makes good financial sense for his customers. He’s personally involved in every install, start to finish. Understanding real estate transactions so well, he’s well equipped to offer appropriate financing options for each project.  As a stickler about offering only the highest quality work and products, he’s confident that you’ll enjoy your system.


Many of his customers thank him later…



  • Huge tax credit available
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Quick return on investment
  • Add value to your home
  • Reduce environmental impact



  • Local family owned & operated
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Perfectionist-quality workmanship
  • Excellent warranties
  • Competitive pricing
  • Competitive financing options & PPAs
  • Every transaction tailored to your needs
  • Excellent customer service & relations
  • Excellent communication
  • Highly rated reviews
  • Personal accountability

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